Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle at Kantina Konditori!

Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy a cup of high quality coffee and a bite to eat - only steps from the FMLK shop, you can now find our in-house coffee shop Kantina Konditori!

A ‘konditori’(or ‘konditorei’ in German) is traditionally a mix between a café and bakery, offering a variety of pastries, either baked in-house or brought from another bakery. A konditori also sells bread, but puts emphasis on the artistic aspect of the trade, and gets bread supplied by others rather than producing it.

Mixing Scandinavian influence with a touch of the tropics, Kantina is aspiring to be a cozy little neighbourhood coffee joint which serves up delectable baked goods, good coffee and smaller breakfast- and lunch dishes.

Kantina is proud to make use of local ingredients and short traveled products as much as possible. Their Scandinavian influence is presented in generationally handed-down recipes, in yeast baked goods like cinnamon - and cardamom buns as well as by baking with mainly whole wheat flour and less sugar.

Scandinavians does not take coffee lightly (quite literally), and Kantina’s coffee is made with a special dark roast coffee bean from the local roaster Whight & Co. The coffee shop has free standing coffee making station, which invites guests to hang out and have a chat with the staff about coffee or anything your heart desires.

For the health conscious, sugar free (- or low sugar) options are available. Vegan bliss bites, energy bars and peanut butter cookies make for quick and healthy snack options. Kantina aims to always have options available for those following a gluten - or dairy free diet as well.

Not all their cakes are healthy - but still heals the heart; the infamous Salted Caramel Pecan Brownie or the Brookie should both be on your weekly list of pick-me-up sweets. Not to forget the super refreshing Orange Cake and soft Carrot Cake. And if you are into cookies, Kantina loves playing around with new flavours, like “Bacon” Chocolate, Caramel Hazelnut and Brown Sugar Pecan.

With their recently launched menu of toasted bagels, Kantina should be your next breakfast- or lunch destination, followed by some retail therapy at FMLK! Following the holidays, they will also launch their salad menu and introduce some more breakfast options.