Fashionably, Danu: Featuring - FMLK

Today on Fashionably Danu I feature an online store that has been making waves, keeping it truly local and affordable. Just a few weeks ago, FMLK launched a store to touch, see, feel and pick up some stunning pieces to dress.

Fashionmarket works on looks that are specially curated to define your own style. Keeping it affordable and Lankan friendly.

The pieces I was dressed in were easy on my skin, yet chic, and worked well with the HOT weather.

I love everything there. The ladies have a big collection with sarees and even the shoes to go with – the designs are original, so worth a visit – I sat down with the team which has worked on the collection featured today.

1. How would you describe

FMLK, also known as Fashion Market, is a phygital (physical and digital hybrid ) emerging designer wear platform, We promote a new Srilankan style design movement with 3 main targets in our mind named customer, designer and artisan.

2. What did you want to bring new to fashion, and what would you say is missing in Men’s fashion today?

We saw a gap for a new modern Sri Lankan style and our effort is to fill that gap. For example, we looked at ways to modernize the Sri Lankan National tunic so that every guy would love to try it on.


3. How does the team work on the designs - what’s the design process?

We have a team of designers working towards one creative direction while adding value through their unique individual handwriting.

4. Fashion inspirations, how often do you have new collections coming in?

This is our very first men's collection. We will be launching new collections more often in future with the learning and feedback from our new collection.

5. How has the feedback been and what would be the next step?

We launched the collection on Tuesday, 9th April but the collection has been at our newly opened store at Greenpath and the feedback we have got, so far, has been great and we continue to get positive feedback. Lots to learn!

6. Tell me about the designers who are working on the collections we see?

Annmarie worked on this first collection as she was passionate about menswear and was wanting to take a challenge. Going forward, we will be working with designers like Anne Mendis who will add a different style also to the current range.

7. With the arrival of all these new designer stores, what sets FMLK apart which will give you longevity in the market?

We have been in the business for almost 4 years now. We have been selling to Sri Lanka, India and a few other countries. We learnt a lot within the last 4 years and fine-tuned our platform keeping the 3 pillars as our core; which is customer, artisan and designer. Whatever we do is all about creating an impact to these 3 pillars of our brand taking them to the next level. We also drive a new Sri Lankan style movement combining low tech &and high tech industries.

8. You guys are specific about the fabrics for your garments, tell me about the process, and how long did it take to master this?

We mainly use handcrafted handlooms and batiks as well as carefully selected upcycled fabric from industry surplus. This is not an easy task as lead times can be really long sometimes but we have managed to come up with re-engineering processes to reduce the lead time as much as we can.

9. Who do you envision wearing FMLK designs?

FMLK –MAN first collection is all about relaxed urban dressing, heralding a modern new Sri Lankan style. So FMLK - MAN will be someone who mirrors this personality.

10. What have you featured on this collection?

In terms of silhouettes - We have added tunics, sarongs and Tshirts with modern lengths, detail and prints.